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Hekura Profits go to Valhalla Project

Folks, I’ve decided that, for the launch of Hekura, I want to do something really special. Every penny I make on the book during its first month of sales is going directly to the good folks at Valhalla Project, a non-profit organization devoted to helping military veterans assimilate back into civilian life. Theirs is a great undertaking, and one I feel very passionately about.

Please come over and join the launch party to make sure you receive all the updates pertaining to the launch of the book on May 2nd. I’ll be giving away an Amazon Kindle and a paperback bundle including all my books. You’ll get a great book, and know your money is going to a great cause.
Posted 7 weeks ago

Stephen England's Pandora's Grave: A Consummate Thriller

Though I’d known of my fellow author Stephen England’s work by reputation, this was my first exposure to his writing. He’s a man of sharp intellect, and I expected an intelligently written work. 

He completely surpassed my expectations. Following his protagonist, Harry Nichols, on a violent journey into the depths of a cursed Iranian city (bonus points from me for managing to weave an archeological dig into a military/spy techno thriller), the reader immediately finds England’s writing to be carefully researched, engaging, and poignant.  England clearly invests great effort in research, as he portrays Muslim fundamentalists, the Israeli IDF, and the inner workings of the CIA with equal dexterity and specificity.

No book is without its faults, but my list of criticisms is a short one. England’s prose is a little heavy on adjectives. He’s articulate, but it can be a little distracting at times. That, and for simpletons like myself, such a large cast of characters as the one in this novel can be hard to keep track of.

That said, Pandora’s Grave is a thrilling read, and a shrewd portrayal of humanity, both evil and good. The next in the Shadow Warriors series is definitely on my ‘to be read’ list. You can find Pandora’s Grave on Amazon, here!

Posted 12 weeks ago


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