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Review: Practical Prepping (No Apocalypse Required)

An insightful, entertaining guide to survival and the development of a survivalist’s mentality. The blend of Konkoly’s signature thriller fiction to illustrate key points and the conversational, yet informative perspective of the two authors in tandem, makes for a captivating read. Together, the authors cover every catastrophe that comes to mind when discussing the “big bad.” Perhaps this reader’s favorite aspect of this book: The authors focus on the layman’s preparation for disaster, asking the question “what are you trying to survive?” I found this to be a refreshing approach—challenging not only those who view prepping as bizarre, but those who take prepping to overzealous levels. It’s a very evenhanded approach, and one dexterously handled by Konkoly and Powers.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

A writer's desk, finally complete

After months of work and tireless (frustrating?) hours spent in my shop, I’ve finally completed my writer’s desk. Now, of course, I’m still without a chair. *Sighs, returns to shop.*

Posted 5 weeks ago


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