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Historical thriller

Black Cordite,
White Snow

An engrossing and suspenseful historical crime thriller with a fascinatingly unique premise, "Black Cordite, White Snow" transports the reader to the bleak frigidity of St. Paul, Minnesota at the dawn of Prohibition, where organized crime flourishes and even the most virtuous find themselves seduced by the siren song of opportunity.

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Caper comedy

Get idiota

A foosball-obsessed Mexican cartel leader. An emu. And two guys looking to get rich the hard way. 2021 Best Independent Book Award winner, 2021 Minnesota Book Award finalist, 2021 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Award finalist, & 2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition semifinalist.

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Caper comedy

Zimbabwe Hustle

If crime is like artwork, these two are finger painters. 2019 Best Independent Book Award (BIBA) winner.

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Archaeological thriller

The Phaistos Paragon

Book one in the Baseborn Archaeology Series. Nonstop action, daredevil characters, and a rip-snorting chase for mystical Minoan artifacts. Winner of the 2017 Clive Cussler Adventure Writer's Competition.

Cogar's Crusade_Proof 5 - RA (1).jpg

Contemporary thriller

Cogar's Crusade

Book three in the Cogar Adventure Series. Cogar disappears into the Syrian Civil War.

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The jungle guards its secrets fiercely.

Cogar's Revolt - Cover copy.jpg

Contemporary thriller

Cogar's Revolt

Book two in the Cogar Adventure Series. Cogar travels to Cairo during the Arab Spring Uprisings. 2014 Clive Cussler Adventure Writer's Competition finalist.

Cogar Physical - 2014 Updated.jpg

Contemporary thriller

Cogar's Despair

Book one in the Cogar Adventure Series. Cogar goes to the Korean Peninsula to cover the escalating tensions with the DPRK.


Historical thriller

The Scorpion's Nest

The Nazis were closer to striking the heart of America than we thought. And they're not done yet. Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2012 finalist.

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