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Review: Robert Young Pelton's "The World's Most Dangerous Places"

Whether you're a seasoned foreign correspondent or a newby to world travel, this book is the conclusive guide you need to keep on the nightstand. It's as though Robert Young Pelton, one of the world's most accomplished journalists, a documentary filmmaker, knife designer, conflict-zone comedian, and mild-mannered matador of exotic danger, poured every ounce of his worldly knowledge and travel experience into one definitive resource.

Riddled with quick tips on survival and helpful factoids about regional eccentricities and statistics, "Dangerous Places" spans the globe, breaking down each region's socio-political climate and how to survive and thrive there.

While clearly meant to be used as a reference book, I sat down and read it cover to cover without difficulty (though it took me a while—this baby's thick). Pelton injects humor and wit that entertains, while still providing noteworthy insight.

"The World's Most Dangerous Places" can be purchased here.


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