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A Minnesotan outdoorsman, award-winning novelist, and editor, Nate Granzow likes the smell of gunpowder, the taste of gin, and the feel of leather-bound books.

In addition to writing fiction, he's worked as a magazine editor for a Fortune 500 publishing company, a copy-editor for a military news network, editor-in-chief of a hunting and outdoor network, and as an editor for several New York Times best-selling authors.


A writer of adventurous thrillers with a darkly comedic edge, Granzow delights in constructing unconventional stories with memorably unique characters. His debut novel, THE SCORPION'S NEST, was selected as one of 1,000 finalists in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Awards, 2012, and was ranked first in the thriller category at the IndieReader Discovery Awards, 2012. His novel COGAR'S REVOLT became a top-three finalist in the Clive Cussler Collector's Society's 2014 Adventure Writer's Competition, and his archaeological thriller—titled THE PHAISTOS PARAGON—won the 2017 competition. ZIMBABWE HUSTLE, Granzow's first foray into dark comedy crime novels, won the 2019 Best Independent Book Award in the action/adventure category. His latest, GET IDIOTA, is a 2021 Minnesota Book Award finalist and a 2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition semifinalist.